welcome bohemian heart...


At Bright Star & Buffalo, we create and curate adornment with purpose: intentional jewelry, artisan-made accessories, holistic body care and soulful home decor.

Our personal work and thoughtful selections are for the mindful, intentional, heart centered lover in you. The yogi/yogini in you. The free-spirited, bohemian, gypsy soul in you. The nature-oriented, ethical, sustainably-minded earth steward in you…

We strive to remind you of who you are: a powerful force of Love.


"I trusted Natalie with this project full heartedly and she went above and beyond what I could have ever expected."



We are two women - mother and daughter - designing and curating creations for your body, heart and home.  Our personal work and thoughtful selections serve as reminders that we beings are conduits of inspiration for ourselves, our loved ones and our world. 


We create and curate with awareness and strive to recycle, up-cycle and re-purpose... as well as support fair trade, ethical practices, micro business's, soulpreneurs, organic materials and ingredients as much as possible. Sustainability and good vibrations are at the heart of our products and selections.