Bright star & buffalo is about connection



Natalie thrives in creative environments: she studied both liberal and fine arts at New York University and Northern Arizona University. Before launching Bright Star & Buffalo she worked in theater set design, interior design, jewelry design and retail window display. Creating beauty with intention and purpose is her deepest passion.



Kelsey is a natural creative: she studied liberal and fine arts as well as small business management at the University of Colorado and Yavapai College.  She has worked as a sculptress and metal smith for the past 40 years. She is passionate about forging creations that empower others to live from their highest self.


...uplifting the vibrations of the world
one sacred object at a time

Bright Star (spirit of the East):
Ancient wisdom, vibrant color, abundant life, inspiring glow, cosmic influence, shining creative energy, light and warmth. 

Buffalo (soul of the West):
Earth wisdom, natural being, grounded, purposeful, healing gifts, medicine for the body, spirit and soul.

Born from a mother/daughter team of visionary artisans, Bright Star & Buffalo embodies the spirit of the East and the soul of the West through creation, collaboration and the selection of life-transforming adornment, jewelry, home decor and body care.

We believe in women, men and children. We believe in our natural wisdom, our abundant, magical, inspiring life-giving energy. We believe that we are all powerful warriors, gentle guides and nourishing providers. We are all keepers and protectors of one another and of the natural world we live in. Our intention is to help you stay connected to the truth of yourself through beautiful, everyday reminders.


Our work is created and selected with intention ...
to uplift, to inspire, to transform, and to remind us at any and every moment ... what we truly are—conduits of Love.


May your life be rich with gratitude and delight,
Natalie and Kelsey