The Art of Being a Plant

Recently I decided to step back from my immediate work (design, photography, blending and marketing) here at bright star and buffalo and take some time to pursue interests that definitely find their way into the more esoteric side to our business, but less into the day to day.

I took a social media hiatus and honestly - I didn't miss most of it.

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Remembering What It Really Means To Shop Small

Part of the life blood of our business is our lovely retail partners (we love them all and couldn't continue to create the way we do without them).

From our steady stand by's (Loom and Kiln, Local Nomad, Yoga International and Moorea Seal), to our women only collective (48 and Sea), to our mother/daughter duo soul cousins (Sisters Golden) to our newest crushes (DIG Gardens, Nava, Uriel and Len Collective) we are ever grateful for our stockists.

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A Long and Happy Weekend

I can't believe I haven't written since Mother's Day...Oh my!!

Sometimes the silences are long here ... especially when hand work takes all we have and life beckons to be lived.

It has been a month and a half of many additions - new collaborations, new clients, new designs...we are really enjoying ourselves during this immensely busy time.

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