Patterns - Directions - Symbols

They all exist in nature, began in the natural world and therefore they are an essential part of our human journey...

Patterns: They appeal to me - I find rhythm, comfort and solace in their repetitive nature...I know what's coming next.  This appeal applies to both physical forms as well as mental constructs.  Growing up - I believed that ALL mental patterns were negative, but as an adult I have found certain mental patterns help me find my way through my internal maze more easily.

Directions: They are so personal yet so universal... in the patterns found in the customs and creative treasures of traditional cultures there are inherent directional maps that guide the seeker through life.  These "directions", seem to me, to come from a connection to spirit and nature. Connecting to our "soul compass" on a daily basis is the only way to find the best direction for us as individuals. 

Symbols: Potent pre-verbal communications - "speaking" to us on so many levels.  Symbols are deep cultural guides that connect us to one another and nature and primal expression.

I create and design in patterns, directions and symbols (naturally tapping into this ancient human wisdom and power)...hoping that these creations help to catalyze inspiration, bring clear guidance and a sense of connection to your life, to your loved ones and to yourself.

Warmly and with deep gratitude,


My invitation to you...

It's true - some patterns keep us stuck - going in the same direction (often away from where we want to be).  Can you softly, gently shift whatever that pattern is for you a little bit this week?  Sometimes its just a matter of awareness.  Sometimes we have to pull out all of our shifting "tools" - for me that includes: essential oils (smelling Orange Blossom or Sweet Orange are wonderful mood changers - link below), Flower Essences (I Love any and all Lotus Wei formulas - link below), breathing deeply for about 10 seconds (its free!), walking outside, saying "I love you" to someone I love, preparing a meal with intention, stroking a pet...etc.  You get the idea - let's say lunch is an after thought - you're going to grab a cold left over burrito out of the fridge and eat it - cold, standing up and quickly because you are starving - take a step back (is this something you find yourself doing regularly?) - breathe deeply for 10 seconds, crack open that bottle of Sweet Orange, spray a little Inspired Action around the room - ask yourself "what will truly nourish me right now?" Then follow through...try preparing yourself a meal from a relaxed, inspired, loving place.


 metal and stone mandala by bright star and buffalo

metal and stone mandala by bright star and buffalo