A Long and Happy Weekend

I can't believe I haven't written since Mother's Day...Oh my!!

Sometimes the silences are long here ... especially when hand work takes all we have and life beckons to be lived.

It has been a month and a half of many additions - new collaborations, new clients, new designs...we are really enjoying ourselves during this immensely busy time.

If you haven't started following us on Instagram - please come on over (@brightstarandbuffalo).  It is where we keep you up to date on the latest developments and it is always full of beautiful images to inspire your day.

We are having a little sale for the next two days -  A couple of our pieces are 10 to 20% off.

So if you've had your eye on that fabulous colorful dream catcher that we made with Genga from @spokewoven - now is the time to snatch it up. Code: DC20 at checkout

And if you love our DIY Arrow wall hangings - well those are on sale too. Code: DIYA10 at checkout

And if your more of the jewelry type - grab yourself a pair of our beautiful upcycled copper silver 1/2 moon earrings (recently featured as a giveaway with the @holisticfashionista). Code: HHM10 at checkout

As always - thank you for your continued support, care and love...you are an integral part of this process and we are ever grateful for your contribution!


Natalie and Kelsey