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Gift Cards

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A love story... from our heart to yours.

With these gift cards your loved ones can choose the piece of jewelry or ornament that they love, or ask for a bespoke adornment for their spirit and heart.

Please indicate on the check-out form whether you would like us to email you a PDF certificate or whether you prefer to receive a hardcopy by post. We can also email or snail mail the recipient directly.

The certificate will contain a unique coupon code that can be redeemed any time at our online shop. For bespoke pieces please ask the recipient to contact us directly.

Thank you!
Brightstar & Buffalo

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Important note on taxes: We regret that our system cannot distinguish between regular products and a gift certificate and if you live in Arizona it will add the sales tax to your gift certificate purchase. In this case we will refund the tax amount by applying it to the gift card amount.

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