Love from our Clients

"At this time in our lives, me and my wee family were really needing something to symbolize letting go of and leaving behind that which does not bring us life & health and a sense of feeling protected in our home, so the timing of Natalie's dvAra hanging in a doorway in our home that we use often throughout the day is in such harmony with what we are wanting to attract into our lives.

I found Natalie to be so very gentle, mindful and deeply connected to exactly what our family was needing.  I am honored to have a piece in my home that was weaved together with such intention and devotion, infused with ritual and healing. My exchanges with Natalie were very soulful and meaningful, which made the experience such a holistic one because her work is so very layered and so much more than just an art piece.  Its a healing vessel and portal."

Denise Andrade-Kroon is a gentle fae mama living in the wilds of her dreamy haven in Bellingham, Washington. Visit her online where she shares her life, love, photography and writing over at

"When I received my Sacral Mala from Brightstar and Buffalo I knew before opening the package it was perfect for me.  The energy it emitted from their craftsmanship and blessing was potent.  I love the care that was taken to steeping it with sacral energy through oils and intent. It is unique and unlike any of my other maps both in craftsmanship and design. The earthiness of it perfectly fits the chakra for which it was designed.  I am so honored to wear one of their malas and love it so much."

Nancy Alder is a Yoga Teacher, Writer and Mom to Elves. She teaches and writes at the Flying Yogini with a focus on the individualized practice of yoga.


“Incredible custom work! Amazing customer service! Affordable and worth every penny! I was looking for an artist to melt a brass door key into a pendant. It was proving very difficult to find an artist with the right tools to do so. Then I stumbled upon Bright Star and Buffalo, it was a glimmer in the darkness. Natalie and her Daughter responded to me right away with willingness and passion. They even did some test pieces free of charge to make sure that it would work out to my liking. My experience working with Natalie was Stellar, professionally and on a personal level, due to the nature of the custom pendants sentimental value. I trusted Natalie with this project full heartedly and she went above and beyond what I could have ever expected. Thank you Bright Star and Buffalo! Thank you Natalie!”

❉ Brandon M., Milwaukee, WI

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Empower the goddess! Could life get any more fun? When I wear Natalie and Kelsey's (Bright Star and Buffalo) jewelry, I feel the essence of my own spirit. I would encourage every woman to own at least one of these adornments because they come from practiced hands and loving hearts. The power behind this jewelry can be felt as soon as I put it on, the empowering quality coming through each piece is such that I don't want to take it off. These pieces are lovely, light and wearable with everything. I can say that when I take time to adorn my body with beautiful things, the universe itself is pleased. Thanks to Natalie and Kelsey, I am able to do this every day. Thank you for the great work that you do to bring more light into the world.

❉ Shinay Tredeau | Connect with Shinay on Facebook