For Modern Mystics & Ritual Lovers

Hand-crafted tools and experiences that empower you to bring more ritual to your daily life

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all the little things you need to cultivate your sense-ual lifestyle

Every time you sip tea from a stoneware tea bowl, scoop herbs with a hand forged copper spoon, adorn your skin with plant infused oils, light your herbal incense cone or learn to make something beautiful with your own two hands I want your heart to swell with a sense of meaning, purpose and connection or - at least - a sense of profound satisfaction because the stuff of your life has become a part of the substance of your life.


Why We Recycle and Upcycle

Because our earths wellness depends upon it. Shipping and Packaging: Upcycled and recycled packaging, recyclable labels, reusable packaging (bottles, jars, tins), % of sales donated to environmental causes (*see giving...

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