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The Essence of My Work is Love

It is my fundamental belief that we are profoundly connected to each other—interwoven bits of the Universe. And that we each must find, create, and practice our own rituals in order to engage this connection in some way each day. And in so doing we build an inner substance—the stuff of joy—that brings meaning to existence.  

If like me you long to find your way back to spirit (again and again), and partake of the nourishment that exists within yourself and each unique moment, Bright Star and Buffalo invites you to find and create your own rituals, bringing more aliveness to your life ...


Why We Recycle and Upcycle

Because our earths wellness depends upon it. Shipping and Packaging: Upcycled and recycled packaging, recyclable labels, reusable packaging (bottles, jars, tins), % of sales donated to environmental causes (*see giving...

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