Why We Recycle and Upcycle

Because our earths wellness depends upon it.

Shipping and Packaging:

Upcycled and recycled packaging, recyclable labels, reusable packaging (bottles, jars, tins), % of sales donated to environmental causes (*see giving back page).

Conscious Studio Practices:

I choose to create and curate products from environmentally and socially conscious suppliers and makers.  This includes a metal working studio that uses substances like vinegar, bon ami and bar keepers friend (vs much more toxic chemicals and solvents) in the welding/smithing process and recycles/upcycles all scrap metal.

As our business grows we will look to everything from carbon-neutral shipping to eco friendly inks for all of our printing, branding and packaging needs.

We are constantly looking to improve environmental/social stewardship practices.  Please feel free to reach out with any resources and/or suggestions   (keeping in mind that we are a small woman owned business - supporting other small business - with limited financial resources and unlimited resources of the heart).



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