What a heavily nuanced word.  For some it has a religious connotation - for others it is simply the application of face cream.  When I use the word ritual I am speaking to a simple principle with personal complexities . . .

A ritual is something we do with intention on a regular basis.  The key words being intention and regular.  We hear the words intention and mindful thrown around a lot these days, but what do those words actually mean? And what about doing something regularly or engaging in a practice?

Let's start by breaking down the word intention - something "done with an aim, purpose or outcome" in mind. Your aim, purpose or outcome is personal to you and it is extremely powerful. You are narrowing your focus to the finest point and driving energy towards your goal.

The knowing that doing/practicing something regularly will lead to strength in that expression is clear to everyone who has watched professional athletes, listened to professional musicians, eaten food prepared at Chez Panisse ;), visited architectural wonders, observed nature, walked through the Met or heard the Dalai Lama speak at a public gathering.

The regular consistency of your engagement in your aim/intention the more potent and refined your energy becomes until that fine point becomes so fine and precise - you find your intentions are now manifestations.

A ritual life is one where you clarify your intention (aim, goal, purpose) in relationship to your doing - knowing full well that what you do (eat, say, think etc.) everyday builds energy, force and momentum - eventually becoming who you are. Who do you want that to be?

For myself - I want to be connected to nature, cosmos, spirit, heart and truth. I want to be a source of wisdom, sanity, inspiration, humor, love and stability for myself, my dear ones (and anyone in need). I want to feel as clear, strong and energized as I can in the body I live in.

When I started bright star and buffalo this was my intention . . . to create implements infused with purpose and meaning beyond the usual ways we see spoons or wall hooks or skin care or jewelry or cups expressed.  My aim was to birth a movement that acknowledges the fact that we are material beings living in a material world expressing ourselves through material means. That does not mean that we are empty consumers. That means that we have the opportunity to harness and refine our energy and manifest who we truly are.

As always - thank you for joining me here.

In Love and Gratitude.


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