The Evolution of Bright Star and Buffalo

As some of you know, I began bright star and buffalo as a way to process emotions around a very frightening wellness diagnosis my mother received in 2012. I have always processed best through creativity and I knew this was my time to engage. We were living on a generational piece of remote property in the high desert of the American Southwest - making a go of a life of spirit and artistic expression.  We were also drinking lots of red wine and pretending the arid region we found ourselves cradled in was actually Tuscany. On top of that we were attending to a small herd of Nigerian dwarf goats as part of our land stewardship and homeschooling practice.

Bright star and buffalo was named after the first two baby goats born to our small herd.  I am a symbolic kind of girl and I wish I could say that the inspiration for those names came from some ancient beautiful text or profound insight, but it was much more superficial than that.  She was all jet black fur with a shock of white on her forehead and he looked more like a miniature buffalo than a goat.

But when you're a girl full of symbols and love for magic and mysticism - a story begins to grow even when you didn't intend it to.

Kelsey was my first client and co creator.  As I grew my business on Etsy (only my jewelry designs at that point) I knew that one day I wanted to curate a collection that served makers, the earth, the cosmos and human potential.  It was a big ideal and it reminded me the brightest star in the sky - the sun.  And my first client and co designer (her grounded, hard working, earthy character) was such a buffalo.

Kelsey and I were repairing the torn bits of our relationship through our work together and we began to see ourselves as embodiment's of bright star and buffalo. We began to see the business as a manifestation of us and we began to market it from that understanding.  And - it was a manifestation of us.  It was a collaboration of spirit, design and creation and I truly believe it played a part in saving my mothers life.  It certainly transformed my grief and fear into something completely different.

Myths are winding and wild - they never follow a linear path and bright star and buffalo is no exception.  The bright star and buffalo that began as two bouncing baby goats in sun dappled flecks of golden straw to the daughter and the mother just loving each other enough to work shit out is now something else.  It's something else is years in the making (deconstructing).

It is the bright star of Vedic wisdom that personifies "the diversity of creation and its immensity" and guides us with it's light.

It is the buffalo that "symbolizes all mortal beings who live upon earth and who are a mixture of both positive and negative qualities."

It is the buttercup's -  an offering at this shrine - this horizon of earth and heaven to grow bravely from collective waters and shine upward - revealing our unique inner life as individuals while remembering that our shine is never brighter than that of another.

The evolution of bright star and buffalo means that it has grown out of the personal (in the sense that Kelsey and I embody the buffalo and the bright star).  They (as those baby goats) are a part of us and always will be - yet we grow towards the light and open our faces to the spiritual necessity of our individual creative expressions.

You will no longer see the image (in our branding materials or on the site) that Vanja Vukelic created for us (two women, one younger one older, holding hands and growing plants where heads often are). Nor will you read about this being a daughter mother business (this does not mean that this business will not sell Kelsey Bogart's art work - Kelsey will always be a part of it's curation).

These two women in this image are Kelsey and I and together we fed the sun and nurtured the moon.  Now it is time for bright star to be an impersonal guiding light in relationship to the Universes extraordinary level of creative diversity and for Buffalo to hold the space in the human domain for perfect imperfection.

Kelsey and I are now buttercups, expressing and offering our individual joys through our personal creative gifts.

I look forward to serving you as steward of bright star and buffalo - curating and creating from my bright and happy heart.


Warmly and with Love,






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