Sun Potion elixers join Bright Star and Buffalo

Sun Potion kept finding its way into my world - from the health foods store to my favorite boutique - there is was.  Its true - I'm a girl whose attracted to good packaging and their gold foil label with Egyptian style hieroglyphic sun god wings was captivating. Every jar seemed to be inviting me to taste, partake, swoon...

But Sun Potion isn't just about pretty packaging.

This is one of those companies whose sourcing practices are aligned to long term sustainability and vision.  They work very diligently to bring us the some of the finest, most potent, ethically sourced super foods/adaptogens (for both skin and body) available on the market today.

Growing up in a natural foods store environment gives me some shear proximity I gained extensive access to knowledge about sourcing earth centered ingredients (sometimes exotic).  I know that the best ingredients (food or otherwise) are the simplest ones closest to the source.

As bright star and buffalo moves closer to its modern mystical source...we will be offering more and more products that meet our everyday practices with ritualistic intention.  We are building temples not only in our homes and offices but in our hearts and bodies.

Blessings on your journey and BIG Love.

Sun Potion offerings currently available through our website (more on the way!):

  • Wildcrafted Shea Butter (fair trade and unrefined)
  • Cacao Powder (raw, organic, heirloom)
  • Prash (tonic ambrosia - a mix of several organic and/or wild crafted herbs ghee and raw honey)

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