Promises We Intend To Keep...

We promised you SALES after Bhakti Fest and we keep our word...

But first a bit about what has been re-enlivened since our BF return:

We are even more committed to our ethical and sustainable approach to physical adornment (body and home).  We wish to give back to this planet and uplift humanity through the creation of our work (not deplete or diminish).  We are dedicated to sourcing materials (to the very best of our ability) that are organic, recycled, conflict free and sustainable.

We give back!  We have always been inspired to share the "good" and our commitment to supporting those in need has been renewed by our experience at Bhakti Fest.  We are always considering worthy causes...right now a portion of our sales go to Trees For the Future, Poses for Paws, To Write Love On Her Arms and an orphanage in Nepal.  Please feel free to reach out with any charitable suggestions of your own...

We are phasing out of (or re-imagining) some of our designs and adding some new ones and so (as promised) please enjoy 50% OFF many of our one of a kind adornments.  Sale items are marked (no coupon code needed).  Please stay tuned for new products and other Holiday specials!

We thank you for your continued support and wish you the very best!

From our hearts to yours


Natalie and Kelsey