West Coast Tour Cut Short...

Traveling with family is wonderful and essential to me...

I never wanted to create a business that my daughter couldn't participate in, but being on the road can be taxing and trying for all of us and when you get sick it is especially so.  Unfortunately we all got a nasty bug on this trip and had to cut our tour short.

We had two shows in San Francisco...one in the Sunset District and one on the bay - Urban Air in Dog patch.  I loved our Sunset show - it was small, sunny (literally) and we connected with some amazing people (and because it was at an elementary school my daughter had a play ground and other children to interact with - GOLDEN!).  Urban Air seems like a very cool event, but this year the weather was not in our favor.  The event was in a massive ancient shipping yard warehouse without overhead lighting and at least ten 20' wide bay doors open to the elements (in this case heavy rain and intense gusts of wind).  It was rainy, cold, wet and dark and it definitely impacted our sales, connections and enjoyment negatively.

After that - nasty coughs and head colds came to visit.

It was with heavy hearts that we canceled Renegade Craft Fair in Seattle.  We had been looking forward to this show for months, but with my daughters cough getting worse we decided it wasn't worth the risk.

We have been home for a week.  We are feeling much better and enjoying the warmth of the Holiday Season together.

I wish you all the very best!

May your season be blessed with the nearness of loved ones, brightness and delight!

Thank you for your continuing support and stay tuned...the new year brings new treasures...