Now Available! Mala and Chakra Necklaces for children


The Children's Mala and
Chakra Necklace Series

The world needs the very best from all of us - yet in order to give the best of ourselves - we often need to be reminded of exactly what that is...

The Children's Mala and Chakra Necklace Series does just that . . .

Reminds us that we are a valuable, irreplaceable and unique contribution to ourselves, our own lives, the life of the planet we live on and to the whole of the human race.

This is both a great privilege and a big responsibility. Fortunately ancient multicultural wisdom can help us rest in our "basic goodness"...

The Children's Mala and Chakra Necklace Series employs some of the most subtle and powerful principles of ancient wisdom and wellness, bringing you a potent, wearable, balancing medicine for heart, spirit, soul, body and mind.

The Series utilizes the following wellness tools (simplified definitions):

Chakra: Inner connected energy plexus with origins in ancient Vedic (East Indian) philosophy - to modern day yoga.  These "points" start at the base of the spine and rise to a spot just above the crown of the head. 

Color: The use of color to shift emotions and moods and - in this case - to align/balance a specific chakra or the entire chakra system.

Essential Oil: The use of oils (extracted from plants) to uplift/alter moods and emotions (through scent and skin absorption).  

Mala: Prayer beads used by many Spiritual Traditions the world over.  A mala is a "necklace" consisting of 108 (or an even division thereof) beads.

Mandala: A protective circle or symbol.

Mantra: An affirmation consisting of one or more words.  This word(s) are often used in repetition with a mala by spiritual practitioners of various faiths.

Stones: The use of natural stones and their healing vibrations to alter body vibrations - thus elevating/altering moods and emotions.

And Love - without a doubt the most powerful medicine of all...

This Series is intended for our young ones - our children:  the ones who deserve to be reminded consistently and continuously of their contribution to our world. They are, after all, the future - and what kind of future do we/they have without their sanity, beauty and blessing force?

It is both our great honor and our responsibility to help them cultivate the very best of themselves.

In Love, Light and Gratitude!


*Available at Yoga International Boutique