A Little Bit of Vogue In My Life

Two months ago we were approached by British Vogue asking us if we would like to be a part of their Jewellery Profile Pages (a selection of smaller companies/makers within the big business folds of the fashion industries advertorial pages) for the first official edition by their new editor Edward Enninful.

After a bit of consideration (Vogue wasn't even on our radar...did it fit with our vision, was it worth our efforts etc etc? - a lot of people might think we were crazy for asking ourselves these types of questions, but that is part of who we are) we decided to go for it and this is why:

We want to see change in an industry that needs real change.  We are grateful that our creative work was seen by a magazine that has built a long and authoritative reputation in this industry, yet we are and ever will be dedicated to the human and humane side of fashion. Enninful has promised change.  As this is his first official issue we wanted to be a part of that momentum.  We want to see powerful women (regardless of shape, size, color or gender) grace the covers of fashion magazines.  We want fashion magazines to empower young girls and women...NOT create a climate where they feel that beauty is only valid if it looks a "certain way".  We want big fashion magazines and big industry to empower small businesses (and especially talented women makers).  We want big fashion magazines to change the way the industry uses environmental resources and exploits makers.

We are hoping that all of this change really is afoot and that you too feel its force, its necessity and its inevitability.

The cover of the December issue of Vogue is of the beautiful and compelling Adwoa Aboah.  She is a model and a women's rights activist. My hope is that she uses her platform for the highest good of all. http://www.vogue.co.uk/gallery/adwoa-aboah-cover-december-vogue-2017

We are ever grateful and humbled by the growing interest in our work.

Thank you for your continued support.



 Verdigris Crescent Moons

Verdigris Crescent Moons