The Art of Being a Plant

Recently I decided to step back from my immediate work (design, photography, blending and marketing) here at bright star and buffalo and take some time to pursue interests that definitely find their way into the more esoteric side to our business, but less into the day to day.

I took a social media hiatus and honestly - I didn't miss most of it.  What I did miss were the regular views of the myriad of beautiful souls that I have connected to via social media.  If nothing else - this business has brought me closer to people I never might have connected with otherwise and for that I am eternally grateful.

I recently received my certification in Ayurvedic style head massage (aka: Champi) and I am currently completing a course on crystal uses for healing as well as embarking on a basic herbal course next month. I am exploring my deeper interests in physical, spiritual, emotional and mental wellness (which I believe is a balanced combination of both internal and external factors).

The books I chose for my herbal course came from a large list of options.  I chose to focus more on the Ayurvedic (obviously of my calling) side of things.  I began reading "The Yoga of Herbs" (Frawley/Vasant Lad) the moment it arrived in the mail.  I find it to be a heartfelt scientific powerhouse of information and inspiration...

"Within the plant is the potential of the human being.  Conversely, within the human being is the underlying energy structure of the plant.  Our nervous system, it could be said, is a tree whose plant-essence is human.  Therefore, plants may communicate directly to that essence of feeling which makes a true human being." (pg. 4)

A light bulb kind of effect happened within me when I read these words and I immediately thought - "I am more plant than human." or more appropriately "I am a plant having a human experience."

This realization brought a sense of warm belonging into my body and being.  I also felt an inspired, curious, child like joy return to my awareness (that had been illusive for some time).  So much of what I feel missing in the modern world and our use of technology on such a massive scale is this disconnect from our partner...the natural world.  And the truth is - we cannot escape this partnership...we will nourish ourselves from her bounty until the moment we return to her earth.  Where we become food for future nourishment.

Re-enlivening this ancient knowledge in my life is of necessity (to my body, mind and spirit).  I believe it will lead to new and beautiful creative expressions. 

As always...thank you for sharing a bit of this journey with me.

With Peace and Love


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