A bedroom makeover with Roque And Soul and West Elm UK...

Sometimes we are approached by talented, kind and stylish people.  They love our work and hope that it can be a part of their office, bedroom, living room, kitchen or bathroom remodel or update.  We are always honored to work with like hearted people who want to hang it or use it in their every day spaces.

Just such a person came into my life several months ago...Jenna of Roque And Soul was working with West Elm UK to update her and her husbands (Carlos's) bedroom.  I was immediately struck by her unique sense of style, her amazing tattoos (follow on Instagram @leneed to see) and her kindness.

In their bedroom update Jenna used our Arrowhead wall hanging with small S hooks to organize her jewelry and our Eva Round wall hanging form to display a beautiful piece of macrame (by: Macrame Adventure) on her gallery wall.

Hop on over to her website to share in the process (before and after pics along with layout graphics and design process).


Oh and - Happy New Year!  All you bright and shining stars...