About Us

We are two women (daughter and mother) and we are "ritualogists" - we bring ritual back into your daily life through utilitarian sculpture, herbal elixirs and holistic body/skin care.
Our personal metal work utilizes "old school" metal smith techniques like: brazing, sand casting and hand forging using high heat and many different hammers. We primarily work in bronze, brass, copper and sterling silver.
Our botanical elixirs are made with simple organic and/or sustainable herbal ingredients. We utilize traditional Western herbal techniques and many of our recipes are highly influenced by Ayurvedic principles.
We create and curate with awareness and strive to recycle, up-cycle and re-purpose. We are committed to "giving back".  We support fair trade, ethical practices, micro businesses, organic ingredients and materials as much as possible.

Who you are and how we serve your evolutionary needs...

you want to engage your daily habits with a sense of connection and purpose versus automation and empty form. You want to revivify your life - bring back the beauty the color and the texture... You want to savor each moment for what it is - an opportunity to be fully present. You want to feel as though your life is the rich and meaningful thing that you always imagined it to be. You are a superhero! You are full of light and love and the power to change the world. AND you have come far enough in this journey to realize that you are the ONLY one who can create the reality you want for you - little bit by little bit every moment everyday.

bright star and buffalo was made for you...we create and curate ritual implements and substances that bring mindfulness and connection back into your everyday life.

please join our movement to re energize your every day...

Natalie "I call myself a "Ritualogist" - I combine my BA in Liberal Arts (broad study: Eastern philosophy/science, creative writing, metal smithing, ceramics and earth science) and my other certifications/continuing education (Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage, Herbalism, Kansa Massage and so on) with my upbringing (focused on natural/organic foods, nutrition, nature, herbalism, gardening, home schooling, Eastern Spirituality, yoga and communal living). I bring my understanding, experience and intuition to my botanical formulas, sculptural designs and hands on body work."

Kelsey - "I am a "Soulpreneur". I am dedicated to the business of the soul.  If need be - retrieving it from the grips of something that mires its unique and exquisite destiny.  For 40 + years I have had the honor of working with metal. I also teach, weave, sew, read, cook, garden and play music from time to time. I work organically and utilize the more ancient tools and wisdom of my craft/s.  I believe that life is in the details and relate deeply to the idea of slow design and slow living."