about bright star & buffalo

bright star and buffalo strives to bring you a comprehensive collection of mindful hand made goods and uplifting content that both enhance and enliven your sense based ritual lifestyle.  These thoughtful treasures are designed, crafted, created and curated with your daily sense-ual needs in mind ... Your need to experience your life through pleasurable sound, touch, taste, smell and sight. Your need to connect with the source of "things" you choose to have in your home, on your body and in your consciousness - and to know that this source is honest, conscientious and dedicated to a wholesome heartfelt way - just like you.
Every time you sip tea from a stoneware tea bowl, scoop herbs with a hand forged copper spoon, adorn your skin with plant infused oils, light your herbal incense cone or learn to make something beautiful with your own two hands I want your heart to swell with a sense of meaning, purpose and connection or - at least - a sense of profound satisfaction because the stuff of your life
has become a part of the substance of your life.

With Love,