About Us

We are two women (daughter and mother) making and selecting spirited jewelry and accessories, holistic body care and soulful home decor.
Our personal metal work utilizes "old school" metal smith techniques like: brazing and hand forging using high heat and many different hammers. We appreciate things made and worked by hand. We appreciate skill and beauty. Our work is "slow design"... akin to "slow food" and "slow living". Quality craftsmanship, sustainability and good vibrations are at the heart of our products and selections. We hope to help make handmade products an accessible and meaningful part of your everyday life.
We create and curate with awareness and strive to recycle, up-cycle and re-purpose... as well as give back, support fair trade, ethical practices, micro businesses, soulpreneurs, organic materials and ingredients as much as possible.

Bright Star & Buffalo embodies the spirit of the East and the soul of the West... our work is both cosmic and earthy, shiny and useful, imaginative and practical... a Study in Slow Design and Inspired Living.

Natalie thrives in creative environments: she studied both liberal and fine arts at New York University and Northern Arizona University. Before launching Bright Star & Buffalo she worked in theater set design, interior design, jewelry design and retail sales and window display. She studies herbs in her free time. Creating beauty with intention and purpose is her deepest passion.

Kelsey is a natural creative: she studied liberal and fine arts as well as small business management at the University of Colorado and Yavapai College. She has worked as a sculptress and metal smith for the past 40 years. She is passionate about forging creations that empower others to live from their highest self.

"May your life be filled with beauty,
adventure and gratitude."

Natalie and Kelsey