about bright star & buffalo

From a very early age I saw that life could easily become an empty shell of doing and consuming – it was my first heart break and I longed for something truly different. It wasn't until I traveled to India (in 1997 at 20 years old) that I saw a cultural example of what was possible … the seamless unity between the sacred and the secular. The hope I harbored from that experience was that life never had to be a dull and pointless act, but could (and should) be an exalted relationship to consciousness through the unique experience of the senses.

Bright Star and Buffalo seeks to bridge the gap between our perfectly imperfect human experience and our connection to the vast intelligent mystery of the universe through sensual experience. We offer products and services that invite you to see your life as a loving, abundant and ultimately sacred act.

I am an artist and a holistic wellness practitioner. I work with other artists and practitioners to bring you a collection of mindful goods that offer you the opportunity to create the ritual experience (through touch, taste, smell, sight and sound) that you long to have in relationship to the things you do every day in the places where you do them.

To your abundant ritual life – may it bring you ever closer to the truth of yourself!

With Love,