Bright Star (Natalie)... I call myself a Ritualologist— someone who knows, and practices ritual in order to connect with the sacred. This is not the modern notion of the word ritual often viewed in a religious context, and performed by the pious, or maybe a shaman. The ritual I’m interested in is not solemn, or religious, it is performed in the ordinary moments of our everyday lives.

I believe with some mindfulness and a bit of intention, any act can create communion with our world—and the larger Universe. In this way, we turn the mundane into the sacred, be it cutting flowers, going for a walk, taking a breath, making a cup of tea, or …fill in the blanks.

This is ritualology, …but before I go there, my story about how I came to this view.



I am Buffalo of Bright star and Buffalo: A sculptress, metallurgist, and a Ritualologist, too. I have come by each of naturally. Well, ...maybe not the Buffalo part but that’s a story for another time. This is the story of how I came to discover an art form of my own. 

Bright Star & Buffalo creates and curates everyday implements, and wellness blends for your ritual lifestyle to make the stuff of your life add substance to your life!